Roblox Lua Executor / Exploit

Roblox Executor is an Application that Exploiting Roblox's Vulnerable Code and Execute your Favorate Scripts on Roblox to take advantage and developing some good stuff too.

~ Free Exploits ~

Cosette Download

Known as Project-Destiny, Easy and Simple UI, 100+ Game GUI with almost every script supported!

@Panda Development Team

Noblesse Download

Noblesse is a MultiAPI Executor with Featuring 200+ Game GUI, Custom-Theme, and Support Many Scripts.

@iMostafaYT & LittleKiller

Misako Download

W.I.P - Soon!
Level 8 Bytecode Conversion with every script supported!<3

@Misako Development Team

Rainer Download

Making Roblox easier since 2018, level 8 Bytecode Conversion!

@Rainer Development Team

Novaline Download

A level 8 exploit that supports every script! Made by trusted developers. Full Bytecode Conversion!

@Novaline Development Team

EncryptedX Download

Level 8 exploit with sleek UI, DarkHub support, 24/7 technical-support and much more!

@Encrypted Development Team

Scyth X Download

Level 8 Lua Executor with Simple UI, DarkHub Support, Game GUI's and Many More!

@ScythX Development Team

Delta Download

Delta is the *BEST* free Exploit! No Key & Multi API! Level 7 Execution with a Custom DLL & great Stability and a huge Scripthub with lots of Scripts! Why not try it out by click the Download Now to Get Delta!

@Delta Development Team

Valiant Download

Fast!, Versatile Roblox Executor with 100+ Game GUI, Multi API and Keyless Executor

@Valiant Development Team

Why choose

Real-time Monitoring

We constantly Monitor the Executor's Status and if its discontinue, We will remove it and replace with new one.

Less Ads and Easy to Download

Download your favorate Executor in no-time, Safe and Friendly

Gaming Chair

Experience and felt in a good gaming chair with your respective executor you download.

Fast Update

Each Developer Updates their Executor at full-time job like crazy, some are API, some are doing its best to create their own Custom Module.

- Tools and Utilities -

WinRAR Download

WinRAR is a trialware file archiver utility for Windows, developed by Eugene Roshal of win.rar GmbH.


C++ Installers Download

This archive contains the latest version (May 2021) of all VCRedist Visual Studio C++ runtimes, installable with a single click by running the included batch file installer.

@Tech Powerup & Microsoft

DirectX 11 Download

DirectX is a set of components in Windows that allows games to work directly with your video hardware.


Extreme Injector Download

DLL Injector with many features such as Manual Map Injecting and many more!


Panda DLL Tester

Test your DLL with Pipe Locator Included. then Execute it with Some Script. Comes with DAC Bypass and Normal Injection.

@Panda Development Team

Roblox RTX

This Tools Modifies your Roblox Client to have a Ray Tracing Support. and with Best Graphics even your GPU isn't RTX.

- Paid Exploit -

Synapse X Download

The Ultimate Tool for Roblox. Has countless features! Panda fully supported.

@Synapse X Team Developers


No script is currently being displayed here! If you'd like your script to be showcased, contact SkieHacker on Discord!

@ScriptWare Development Team


No script is currently being displayed here! If you'd like your script to be showcased, contact SkieHacker on Discord!

@Sentinel Development Team